Sunday, January 27, 2008

I have not updated for a while so I thought I would take you along one of my current projects. This is a character for a popular blog site.

1. First the client provided me with a reference photo. He asked that I use the image only as a starting point. In the end he wanted the sites character completely unique and exaggerated. So thats what i did. I began with some drawings similar to the photo, then abstracted from there.

2. Once I showed the client the rough sketches, he decided on one and I proceeded to color with a raw painted look. The client was inspired by the abstract rough and decided to work the site around it

3. After roughing the first design, I was shown a mock up of the blog site the character was to be used for. I then decided to provide an additional option that I thought may work better for his site. The client agreed and I am now detailing the third image.

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